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Kiwicare No More Bugs Super 2017

Posted 15/12/17
Client: Kiwicare
Sector: Advertising
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Kiwicare TV Commercials

Client: Kiwicare
Services: TV Commercials
Tandem worked with Kiwicare to plan, produce and publish these two television commercials advertising their brand new product; Gro-sure Easy Flowers and Wild Flowers. Filming location, set...
Seven Sharp

On The Land's dairy industry cameo on Seven Sharp

Services: Television
Cameo on Seven SharpA clip from On The Land appeared in a Seven Sharp news piece* on Wednesday night.The report by Hadyn Jones says that “farms are being sold, farmers are...

Farming stories on TV and online

Welcome to our team Iconic rural broadcaster Rob Cope­-Williams as together we create a new farming show, On The Land.Rob is one of New Zealand’s longest serving television hosts having...

World Buskers Festival Documentary

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Tandem doco - Always Ready: Semper Paratus

A documentary celebrating 150 years of the Christchurch Fire Brigade was released on Saturday at the ChristChurch Cathedral. Tandem Studios won the contract to make the doco to mark this year...

Television viewing increases despite internet boom

Predictions the internet would kill television appear to be premature, if the figures out of the UK are anything to go by.Just as movie cinemas survived the advent of home video, TV is...