Services: Commericals

Tandem has been the primary source of audio production for radio and TV commercials for decades in the South Island. During these years the studio has won numerous awards for its commercial production. From simple voice overs to complex radio or TV ads of epic proportions – we can build it at Tandem, and chances are we already have. Click here to listen to a few of the larger spots we’ve produced.
Tandem offers a full range of services under one roof – we have qualified and experienced audio engineers, with high quality digital production facilities. We have a full Voice Agency on site with commercial producers ensuring a creative and professional result. We also offer gigantic music and sound effect libraries, and can organise nationwide distribution of your produced material to Radio and TV networks.

Kiwicare TV Commercials 1

This year, Tandem Studios continued to provide more video content for our long time partner, Kiwicare.Part of this project was TV commercials, aired in the slots just before the weather on TVNZ's 1...
Posted 06/09/17
Client: Kiwicare
Categories: Pre-Roll & TVC
Sector: Advertising