Services: TV Commercials

TVC’s - Keeping It Real

Tandem Studios specialise in a fresh, ‘real’ style of television commercial. It’s a lot like our relaxed VidCast style. We’ll tell your story - focusing on people, benefits and solutions. All while staying within budget.

Full TVC Production

Tandem’s fully-digital Christchurch studios are world-class - including our separate Video Production suite with Green Screen. Tandem can manage the whole ad process – from the creative, to Video Production,  Audio Production and Audio Post Production (ADR). Then you can sit back… And watch your commercial stand out in the ad breaks!

Voiceovers, Music & Sound Effects

Tandem Studios also has an on-site Voice Agency, plus gigantic sound effect and music libraries. We can compose original music for you, and can link to studios anywhere in the world for recording sessions.

An ad’s worth a thousand words - watch Tandem’s TVC show reel.

Kiwicare TV Commercials

Tandem worked with Kiwicare to plan, produce and publish these two television commercials advertising their brand new product; Gro-sure Easy Flowers and Wild Flowers. Filming location, set...
Posted: 05/10/16
Client: Kiwicare
Services: TV Commercials
Embedded thumbnail for Canterbury A&P Show 2015 TVC (Motion Graphics)

Canterbury A&P Show 2015 TVC (Motion Graphics)

Client: Beck & Caul
Sector: Advertising worked with Beck & Caul to create a TVC for the 2015 Canterbury A&P show.

Content is king, channel is secondary

The question is whether content is more important than the channel it's published on.
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Weed Weapon - Kiwicare (TV Commercial)

Client: Kiwicare
Sector: Advertising, Sales
Here is a animated TVC that Tandem designed for Kiwicare.
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Kiwicare: Weed Weapon TVC

Client: Kiwicare
Sector: Advertising, Sales
Tandem worked with Kiwicare to advertise there range of weed killer products. Using motion graphics, the TVC was created and broadcast to TVNZ, TV3, and Sky TV.