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According to Accenture, 29 percent of tablet owners watch live video content via their tablet devices; 53 percent of connected TV owners stream live content;

and 21 percent of survey respondents enjoy live events on their mobile device or smartphone. These figures clearly indicate a heightened consumer demand, and expectation of, live video content. But, delivering these events is challenging -- with the biggest issue being good internet upload connection. Tandem Studios has just finished our latest install of a live streaming solution for the Hawkes Bay Regional Council (HBRC) this solution is called LaBon, or Living and Breathing Online News. The big advantage of LaBon is that this stand alone website is easy to update and change and importantly provides the ability to archive in one one place all of your audio and video content. LaBon is also used for live streaming on the internet (some times called web streaming, web TV or video on demand) and has the big advantage of recording the live stream, then edit each video into small searchable segments that can be easily found and shared through the LaBon website. This archive of content becomes a part of your online, digital long tail and gives great value to the cost of the live stream as the video will be viewed and shared for many years to come. Importantly it also means all of the content is in one place. As video is now becoming the dominate form of communication on the internet, the online audience demands the option of live streaming or video on demand and costs now mean these choices are freely available. At Tandem we see the biggest future issue of content creation is the ongoing management of your content. There are plenty of free systems online to host video, audio and photo's etc, but having all of that content in one place makes it easier to find and share and offers value for money on the initial production costs and importantly means a business can track and re-use their content over time. Over the past few years Tandem has been at the forefront of video streaming and has designed and developed live streaming solutions for the NZ Parliament, Canterbury Royal Commission, Canterbury Coroners Court (CTV hearings), Taupo District Council, Wellington City Council, Hawkes Bay Regional Council and Hastings District Council, amongst others. Heres a video of how our live streaming system called LaBon works