From jellybeans to guerrilla marketing. A case study in creating content from one event.


Tandem Studios was recently invited to present at the annual conference for the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand (PRINZ).

The conference theme was 'Enduring relationships, enduring communities'. Our work sits well with the theme, particularly if you extend it out a little and add 'supported by enduring content'. PRINZ asked us if we would take on a sponsorship role and not only record and publish conference content but also record 10 pre-conference interviews with community identities. These were played throughout the conference to illustrate the conference theme.

Watch the video with Coralie Winn, co-founder and director of the amazing Gap Filler team.

In addition to Tandem’s Dave Dunlay presenting about 'Re-purposing content a.k.a Black ops guerrilla marketing', on the morning after the conference awards dinner, we also recorded interviews with key speakers after each of their presentations. Below is a playlist of all speakers at the conference.

 We created a podcast of the media panel; with Editor of The Press Joanna Norris, The Press reporter Olivia Carville, Hamish Clark from TV3 and Mike Yardley host of NewstalkZB.

Part one 'Memories of the Christchurch earthquake; No Ordinary Day' The three journalists talk of their experiences covering the aftermath of the earthquake that struck Christchurch, New Zealand at 12-51pm on February 22 2011.

Part two; 'Memories of the Christchurch earthquake; No Ordinary Day - The Q and A.

Tandem also maintained an ‘expert’ presence throughout the conference so that delegates could ask questions about social media, online content and our business in general. To create buzz and help us add to our database of contacts, we offered a generous prize of half a day of filming and editing to the value of $3500 - using the kiwi classic of ‘guess the number of jelly beans in the jar’. This brought delegates over to the Tandem desk and gave us the opportunity to engage with them. We recorded clips of delegates telling us the number they had chosen and why, and edited it into a fun clip which we then showcased on our Facebook page and via Twitter (once again illustrating our central business offering to the target audience).

PRINZ Jelly Bean winner: Sarah Naidu from Wise Group correctly guessed 1736 jelly beans, winning the entire jar and the $3500 video package.

The conference provided us with a two-day opportunity to showcase what we do to a key audience of potential clients and allowed us to create content which we can re-purpose for our own distribution channels. A great win:win for Tandem and PRINZ.

PRINZ Highlights video:

Tip of the day: Create playlists in You Tube of each subject you create videos for. For the PRINZ conference we created 22 videos and each can be found under the playlist of PRINZ conference 2013. This makes searching, finding and sharing video so much easier.

Watch the PRINZ Playlist on You Tube.

Video of Dave Dunlay's presentation on 'Re-purposing content a.k.a Black ops guerrilla marketing':