Auckland Conversations


Want to be inspired by renowned experts and international speakers talking about Auckland’s hot topics?

Auckland Conversations is a series of free events featuring high-profile speakers, aiming to inspire, educate and engage Aucklanders with global, national and regional topics.

Following successful on-going video coverage from the Auckland council chambers, Tandem has again teamed up with the council on the Auckland Conversations website.

Not everyone can make it to the ‘conversation’ in person, but with the Auckland Conversations website, you don’t need to. You can stream it live, watch it later online, read PDFs of the presentation, and listen to podcasts of the speaker when it suits you. You can also respond to what you watch, listen to or read through the live social media feed.

“The Auckland Conversations series is so popular that they sell out every time. So being able to watch or listen online is such a great way to get all these awesome speakers out to as many people as possible,” says Tandem’s Dave Dunlay.

All speakers are leaders in their fields of expertise and present topics that relate to the vision and issues facing Auckland becoming the world’s most liveable city - often drawing on projects they themselves have successfully worked on around the globe.

For example. the most recent speakers were Jeff Tumlin the principal and director of strategy at Nelson Nygaard, San Francisco, and Gabe Klein, senior venture partner at Fontalis, Chicago. Their topic was ‘From roads for vehicles, to streets for people.’ The question is - how does a city balance all modes of transportation to achieve a community’s wider goals and best utilise their limited resources?

Tumlin is an expert in helping communities move from discord to agreement about the future. For more than 20 years, he’s led award-winning plans in cities from Seattle and Vancouver to Moscow and Abu Dhabi. He helps balance all modes of transportation in complex places to achieve a community’s wider goals and best utilise their limited resources. Tumlin has developed transformative plans throughout the world that accommodate millions of square feet of growth with no net increase in motor vehicle traffic - which would be a conversation so many Aucklanders would like to hear and respond to.

And Klein has extensive experience in smart transport which includes four years as vice president of Zipcar, where he helped pioneer the carsharing concept in the United States, and writing a business model for the first point to point carsharing concept for Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. He co-founded On The Fly, the first electric, multi-unit food truck company in the United States, and was director of Washington DC’s Department of Transportation, where he launched Capital Bikeshare, the first large-scale bikeshare system in the US.

Interesting guys with interesting work experience!

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Auckland Conversations aims to inspire, inform and influence, and the website is a key part to this.