Social media can get your message to thousands

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Social media to thousands

Imagine having a venue fit for just forty people but having a message that is fit for thousands.

Utilising social media for communication is your answer. It’s where you can create content for a one-off event that will then have a long life by putting it on YouTube, which can then be shared out through social media channels. This ensures that people who couldn’t be at the event has access to the content.
Social media to numbers
One example of this is Tandem’s filming of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority’s seminar series - ‘In The Know’. The seminars cover answers to questions about the residential rebuild and repair process in greater Canterbury.

CERA and other organisations involved in the recovery work hard to provide plenty of face to face opportunities to help people with their rebuild and repair issues, but this doesn’t reach everyone. People lead very busy lives now, and that is where social media is such a powerful tool. Video and material from experts, workshops, seminars etc can be uploaded for anyone to access the information online, whenever they want it,” a CERA spokesperson says.

Social media will no doubt continue to be a vital tool as we move from the recovery phase to the regeneration of greater Christchurch.”

Tandem’s Dave Dunlay says there doesn’t have to be a great deal spent on production but it does need good, clear audio. “The content is the most important part and putting it online is a great record of that event, and it’s where you meet your niche market and it fits in with your budget.”

Tandem also worked with CERA to create a series of graphical videos which explain the basics of the new central city travel network, and what to look out for.

Using motion graphics, Tandem was able to help CERA communicate how this area will become one of the most attractive streets in Christchurch, as well as an important transport route which prioritises buses. You can see how buses move to and from super stops and the Bus Interchange, and you can learn where key bus routes intersect with Manchester Street.

“With the animated roads and streets, it easily highlights in a highly visual medium what is planned for the new Christchurch. Taking existing documents we created motion graphics of the street design,” Dave says.

Here is one of the CERA seminars - Deed of assignment, a legal perspective on the implications of these contracts, held on 22 October, 2015: