15 Tips to Be a Slack Power User


There’s no questioning Slack’s ubiquitous presence in the workplace. With its modularity and simple interface, Slack has easily usurped reigning messaging clients of the likes of Skype and HipChat. With countless integrations, you can easily sculpt Slack into your business’ perfect communication tool. Plus, it makes for a fun experience by merging a user-friendly interface with current trends like emojis and .gifs. 

Slack is pretty straightforward: it’s intuitive and pleasant to look at. However, do you know how much power it’s actually packing? Beneath the uncomplicated interface, there is a mass of features and tricks you might not even have guessed to look for. Take, for example, emojis. The icon is above the text field, plain as day, but did you know that you can customize your very own set? That’s right!

Take a look below for even more surprising tips and tricks on how to become a master Slack power user.