Virtual Conference Case Study - FST Media - Auckland 2021


During NZ's first COVID-19 lockdown in 2019, we worked with Australian based media company FST Media on their annual conference, connecting hundreds of people from NZ and Australia online to watch, learn and discuss the latest in technology and digital innovation in financial services.This year, the plan was to have the conference in-person in Auckland, but as another wave of COVID-19 threats hit Auckland the decision was made to take the event online once again. Tandem gladly worked with FST to bring this event together virtually within a short timeframe given the quick decision, and has just wrapped up for another year. "FST Media’s flagship event and the only one of it’s kind in New Zealand, the Future of Financial Services, Auckland has established itself as the most important tech-focused event on the industry’s calendar, setting the digital agenda for 2021 and beyond. Over one full day, the Future of Financial Services, Auckland conference facilitates necessary conversations and debate among 300+ industry peers, connecting individuals and organisations with the latest insights and transformational trends in financial services technology and innovation. Open Banking, Digital Customer Engagement, Data, AI & Automation, Enterprise Transformation and the road to recovery in a post-pandemic ‘new normal’ sit high on the agenda for 2021, among other topics." - FST MediaLike last year, it was up to us to organise the easiest, best quality and most convenient way to get all of the keynote speaker presentations pre-recorded before event day. This consisted of some studio recordings, but mostly virtual pre-recordings using our live streaming software and the speakers recording themselves in their own time via video calling apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. All presentation videos were edited to include name keys, titles and powerpoint slides with picture-in-picture within a couple of days before the event started. It was then over to our experienced live stream techncians for the live streaming, running over two morning sessions on the 24th & 25th March. The conference was once again run through the online webinar platform Accelevents, offering registration pages with automated email invitiations/reminders, branded event pages with easy integration to company websites and detailed event agendas and speaker notes. Each speaker was given the opportunity for live Q&A, so our livestream technicians spent their sessions preparing each speaker via Zoom (while their presentation played out as-live) for their live time, helping them frame themselves nicely and making sure we could see and hear them clearly. Usually these are the parts where the internet is not our friend, but we're stoked to say we only had two or three glitches throughout the whole conference due to slower speeds/connection issues, but they were quickly fixed so no speaker missed out on their Q&A too much. We'd like to thank FST Media once again for involving us in their conference, we look forward to finally meeting the team in person one day when they are able to cross the ditch and run their conferences in Auckland once again.Check out some highlights of the event below, and if you're interested in running a similar event (or an on-location event) then get in touch