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Dave Dunlay - Podcasting

Listen to Tandem managing director Dave Dunlay present his ideas on how to nail a podcast - the first time!
Posted 15/12/17
Client: Tandem Studios
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Press senior writer Martin van Beynen

Black Hands - The making of an international hit podcast series

The hit podcast Tandem Studios co-produced with on the Bain Family Murders has now become one of the most successful ever produced in New Zealand.It was a fantastic audio...

Podcast: a journalists account of their day of the quake

The recent earthquake off the coast of New Zealand that shook both the city of Wellington and the district of Marlborough was again a reminder of the power and force of nature. Thankfully...

Marketing and developing relationships in China

Here is an interview we did with Jussara Bierman discussing branding in China, understanding the Chinese market and creating relationships and how to utilise and make the most of social media...

Top five Social Media trends of 2012

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Funny thing happened on the way to Parliament

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Disaster Advice for Cantabrians

We're back to business at Tandem and today we recorded a series of podcasts with Psychologist Jonathan Black, and he recorded one that concentrated on the very topical issue of the...