Services: Marketing videos

Through our offices and partner studios in Auckland our Video Production team understands today's media and has the expertise in creating video for marketing, sales and communications that will connect and engage with your target audience, on any device, no matter where they are.

Case Study: Here's a great marketing video that we were lucky enough to work with AMI on. The video was part of AMI's small business insurance campaign, looking into the benefits of getting insurance when you're a small business starting out. AMI wanted to tell the story of Ava and her Owls (you can see why) and it was a project we were really excited to be involved in. Working closely with AMI, we designed a content plan that could be marketed on a variety of platforms; a 2-3 minute video of Ava’s story, a 60-90 second video designed for social media use, a variety of photographs taken on each location shoot and a written blog post. We helped put together a storyboard and discussed how to pull the story together, keeping in mind Ava’s only 7 and we had to be flexible to work around her other commitments (friends, school, and a full-time job). Each piece of content was designed to be packaged and distributed out to the plethora of media organisations wanting to interview Ava so that they could use it for their own content, as well as used on AMI’s and Ava’s platforms to promote their products and insurance.