Services: Recruitment & training

Solve a work communication problem in a visual way with recruitment & training videos. Video is a great way to help with your staff training, induction and recruitment, meaning your staff can better understand a process, procedure or safety issue. The video can be shown multiple times and gives great value for money.

The use of an induction video will clearly showcase your company's vision, expectations, and most importantly the values which make your company what it is. A recruitment video allows your company to reach a larger prospective audience; by telling your company's story in an engaging and personal way and by using testimonials from existing staff. 

Case Study: We partnered with Strategic HR and Mackenzie District Council to produce a recruitment video as they were looking to expand their team. The 2-3 minute video was designed to encourage people to apply for upcoming positions. Filmed in the Mackenzie Region, our team spent a whole day travelling around some of the South Island's most beautiful and iconic locations. We also interviewed key personnel who described their work and why they love working for the council.